The plan

This blog started with a plan to cycle as much of the route to Australia as we could overland, without breaching Foreign Office Guidance and not putting ourselves in too much danger. Frankly, that means large “bits” of the route are off-limits. It is about 17,400km from Bewdley, Worcestershire to Hobart, Tasmania and so we plan to cycle this distance, even if not in a straight line!

We left our home town of Bewdley, Worcestershire in summer of 2014 and got as far as Venice as a first leg cover 2,200km. In 2015, we cycled the 2,500km from Venice to Istanbul. In Summer 2016 we resumed the ride and had a fantastic journey from Istanbul to Tiblisi in Georgia.

For personal reasons we did not do another trip in 2017 but took a few months to cycle around Scotland instead, and have blogged about it (even though it is not on the route from Bewdley to Hobart). However, the great adventure started again on 1 January 2018 when we strat from the southernmost tip of India and work our way up the west coast via Kerala, Goa, Mumbai and towards Rajasthan.  We had a great trip through India in 2018 and then did an amazing 6 weeks in South East Asia in early 2019.

On 1 March 2020 we left for Thailand, when the Coronavirus pandeminc was a minor part of the news.  By the end of that month rates were rising in the UK, mainland Europe was going into lockdown and we were near the Malaysian border when it closed.  We had no choice apart from heading back to Bangkok and got on nearly the last flight back to London.

We are limited to the UK for early 2021 but are starting to think about further trips.  Meanwhile we will entertain ourselves (and hopefully others) by blogging about our cycling days.

We both have jobs and so cannot ride endlessly for pleasure (or at least not quite yet). The best we can do is a series of “bunny hops” across the various countries between here and down-under. We cannot be sure how many times we can escape per year but, in as much as we can, we will try to pick up each time where we left off and continue the route.

We hope you enjoy our blog. As we ride, we record our experinces, knowing that our friends and colleagues started their day by clicking onto the blog to see what mad scrapes we had got into. We are therefore going to continue the blog for those who like to experience travel vicariously.

8 thoughts on “The plan

  1. It was wonderful to meet you today and chat about your current adventure. We will follow your progress. Perhaps we will meet up again somewhere. Gary Dodson and Rita Jensen, Winthrop, WA

    1. Rita and Gary, It was great to meet you and yes it would be great to meet up. We will graduate to matching cycling jerseys at some point in the distant future – yours are really cool. All teh best, David

  2. So nice to meet up again as you head towards Sisters and Bend from Mt Hood. It made me feel good to be at your rendezvous spot with your biking and travel friends. I look forward to following your ongoing blog. I hope that your trip is wonderful, fun and safe. Lisa

  3. Wow. Bernie and David are at it again. We will be following your travels with a great deal of interest. Wayne and Doris, Bend, Oregon

    1. Lovely to hear from you. We hope you both and your family are well. We have lovely memories of our time with you and there will always be a warm welcome for you in England. David

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