About Bernie


Bernie is a (just) retired medical doctor who has worked in a variety of medical disciplines. She trained as a General Practitioner and worked in Prison Medicine, becoming Clinical Director for Prison Medicine in Worcestershire where she was responsible for the prison medical services at 3 large prisons.

She left that full time role in the spring of 2013, and returned to General Practice on a part time basis.  She attempted to retire in 2020 but was pulled back becasue of teh pandemic.  She has now fully retired as GP and works as a volunteer with Freedom from Torture to assist people who have suffered torture in other countries and are seeking asylum in the UK.

Bernie runs, skis to a high standard (terrifying her husband) and cycles.

4 thoughts on “About Bernie

  1. I have read your blog with keen anticipation. I live in Edinburgh, with a daughter and young family in Victoria BC. I am over there quite often and decided to ride the SC later this year, in Sept/Oct. I have got all the ACA maps and other info and now need to get a bit fitter for this big one. I am well travelled as a cycletourist having, for example, spent a month in the Balkan badlands last year (Albania, Kosovo & Bosnia) and two months in Norway & Denmark in 2012. Your own careers mirror my own to an extent. I was a partner in a large firm of solicitors for many years, specialising in commercial litigation. After I retired I was appointed a member of the Visiting Committee (Scottish word for an IMB) for HMP Edinburgh and have served there for 15 years. I also hold an appointment from the Home Office Immigration Minister as a member (chair for 4 years) of the IMB for the Immigration Short Term Holding Rooms in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Larne in NI.
    On the SC I’ll be riding my Bike Friday – a new model featuring a Gates belt drive, 11-sp Alfine hub gears and disc brakes. I’ll let you know how I get on.

  2. Wow Bernie, just seen this blog by chance via Roy Lilley’s NHS blog….what a star you are for doing this! So impressed! Good luck to you and David for the next leg…. I will follow with interest! Love from Jenny Kay (Lucy’s friend!)

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