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Prospect to Ashland (76 miles – a record!)

David and Bernie both contributed to this:  We had our breakfast in the very pink dining room of the Prospect Hotel. Beautifully and tastefully done, but to honest the hotel wasn’t really our style. We felt managed to within an inch of our lives in the nicest possible way. It was all a bit too organised but it did allow us to have a lovely evening with Bjorn and Mika! Continue reading Prospect to Ashland (76 miles – a record!)

Diamond Lake to Prospect via Crater Lake: 61 miles

David: The rain pattered on the roof overnight making me glad that we were not camping. However the lack of soundproofing kept me awake a bit. We were in bed by 8.30, and lots of books get read on this trip!We started along the lake and then began the climb up to Crater Lake starting at 5,250 feet (so higher than anywhere in the UK). Continue reading Diamond Lake to Prospect via Crater Lake: 61 miles

Day 5. Crescent Creek to Diamond Lake. 60 miles

Bernie: We woke to a fresh bright morning and had a fairly leisurely pack up. We were continuing to cycle the route but Tom and Carolyn were going to go straight up to Crater Lake and we hoped to meet at the camp ground the next day. We had considered the ‘Windego Pass Alternate’ which is a 30 mile route over the mountain on a dirt road but 3 things mitigated against this 1) I didn’t like the small section of dirt road near Sisters, 2) the 3 web postings I looked at all said it was awful and don’t do it 3) the forecast was bad with likely rain and thunderstorms. Sense prevailed and we took the ‘main’ route, which we knew would be a fairly tedious day ‘dog-legging’ down to the main highway 97, 15 miles along then climb back into the mountains. Continue reading Day 5. Crescent Creek to Diamond Lake. 60 miles

Bend to Crescent Creek Campground (near Crescent Lake)

David:  Today was one of those days that will stick in the memory for ever.  When I am gaga with memory loss due to one fo the large number of conditions that affect the declining mind, this day will be imprinted so strongly on my consciousness that I will keep returning to it.  It was long, tough and brilliant. Continue reading Bend to Crescent Creek Campground (near Crescent Lake)

Breitenbush to Indian Ford (Near Sisters)

Vital statistics: 64 miles, 4300 feet of climbing (and no showers).
This is David writing today’s blog. We got to the cafe after 25 miles and asked if they had a wifi so we could post yesterday’s blog and got the answer “Hell no, you don’t even get cell service here!”. But we did get omlettes and coffee, and a glance at the local newsheet “The Canyon Weekly” which led with the news that “First day of school brings new Superintendent/Principal to Santiam”. The news item included the great sentence “A cheer broke out for Bob Zauner as the children learned he would be their full time PE teacher, re-installing our faith in the never ending energy and tenacity of youth”. Bless them – you don’t get that type of writing in the Guardian!