Equipment List

Just in case anyone else is thinking of doing some long distance cycling we thought that it might assist to set out the kit that we took with us on this trip.
We have  toured for many years on Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycles. They have worked really well but this year we have moved over to recumbent trikes.  After lots of false starts, we ended up with an AZUB Tricon 20 for Bernie.  David plumped for an HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs20.
High pressure pumps
Water bottles (including 1 each that has a filter to allow us to filter river water)
Altura Bar Bags (very useful as detachable from the bike)
Racks (front and back for David, just back for Bernie)
Brooks leather saddle for David (who swears by this) and now for Bernie too (squeaks but is more comfortable than the ones that are silent)
1 extended cable to extend the lock
Back lights
Cycling fingerless gloves
Waterproof warn weather cycling gloves
Waterproof overtrousers
Waterproof overshoes (booties)

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt cycle computers

Toolkit containing basic tools, puncture repair kits.
Spare tubes for both bikes and trailer
We did the first 3 legs with Carryfreedom trailers with 2 wheels. We packed most of the kit into a large back that sits on David’s trailer (weighing about 40 pounds) and had a smaller one for Bernie.  However we reverted to Carradice heavy duty panniers for the next trip.
Lightwave t20 hyper 2 person tent. Very light but it can be difficult to get the poles into place when the tent is very dry.  But overall is very good.
Sleeping bags:
We have 2 old goose down sleeping backs with silk inner sleeping bags, packed in drybag containers.  However we use lighter sleeping bags for the summer parts.
Sleeping mats
Neo Air Thermarest (highly recommended)
Everyone has their own view on how many sets of clothes to take but we had 2 sets of cycling clothes plus one set of casual clothes each, all stuffed into a single drybag.
Micro fleece jumper
Full Fleece jackets – not used on summer trip but essential at high altitude in autumn/fall
Merino wool thermal top and leggings. Leggings useful as cycling leggings as well as wearing in evenings or under trousers.
1 pair of cycling shoes and 1 pair trainers each
1 whisperlite stove plus 2 petrol (gas) canisters. This works off standard unleaded petrol (gas) and was hugely reliable.
1 set of pans
Spork and knife set
I light bread knife
2 x penknives
1 wooden spoon
Electrical equipment
Mobile phones
Tablet and logitech keyboard
Kindle Fire

Battery recharging unit

Other items
1 micro towel
Scrabble and cards

Money belts

Medical kit

Notebook and pens (essential)
Role of Duct tape (never travel without this)

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