About David


David is a barrister and Queen’s Counsel (“QC”) who specialises in public law, especially the law relating to healthcare in the UK.  He is a member of Landmark Chambers, 180 Fleet Street, London.  He is a Visiting Professor of Law at the London School of Economics and is the lead author of “NHS Law and Practice”, which is the most comprehensive guide to the law of the NHS.  He sits as a Deputy High Court Judge and does cases about a whole range of human rights matters.  He is Chair of the Prisoners of Conscience Charity. 

David is married to Bernie and they live most of the time in Bewdley, Worcestershire but they both spend part of each week working in London for work.

David has had a varied and “interesting” career including time as a Member of Parliament and Government Minister and chairing national public bodies in the UK.  He is a member the British Medical Association Medical Ethics Committee and chaired Innovation Birmingham Limited, which runs the Birmingham Science Park, for 6 years. until 2018.

David and Bernie were keen cyclists before their 3 children, all of who are now adults, made this difficult for about 20 years.  They have now been able to return to cycling in between trying to earn a living and keeping all the other plates spinning.