Previous Trips

We started this blog in 2013 when we followed the Pacific Crest Cycle Trail from Vancouver to Los Angeles. If you keep going back through the pages you should be able to find our pages from as early as 2013, when we were younger and fitter!

Then, in 2014, we developed the madcap idea of ambling their way from Bewdley, Worcestershire, England across the world by bicycle to Tasmania, Australia roughly over the next decade. There never was a “route” as such because there are too many unknowns (also known as “Rumsfelds”). 

We started that plan on 27th July 2014 in Bewdley and worked our way across to Harwich, and made our way through Germany, across the Alps and the Dolomites and finished to Venice.  Stage 2 in the summer of 2015 took us back to Venice. We cycled across a corner of Slovenia, down the Croatian coast and across some of the islands to Dubrovnik. Then into Montenegro and around the Bay of Kotor. Next was Albania, northern Greece and into Turkey where we diverted to the coast of the sea of Marmaris and battled headwinds to Istanbul.

In May 2016 we returned to Istanbul and cycled south-east across Turkey and then went northeast after Cappadocia, heading towards Georgia. We finished Tiblisi by mid-June 2016.  Family matters constrained our travelling in 2017 but in January 2018 we started again in southern India as the countries between Georgia and India all had visa problems or were places the UK Foreign Office did not recommend for solo travellers. We had a magical time as we worked our way up the west coast and ended at Jaipur, before being pampered by our wonderful friends Adit and Archie in Delhi.

In January 2019 we explored Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Then in 2020 we started in Thailand, working our way south to Singapore but the pandemic intervened and we found the Malaysian border closed just as we were about to cross it.  So we had no choice but to get back to Bangkok and get a flight – any flight – back to Europe.  In 2021 the pandemic continued to dominate all forms of travel, so were are restricted to ambling around the UK.  We started in Sussex and finished in Scotland, wherewe were pampered by wonderful friends Richard and Sally.  There is a patttern here.

In January 2022 we plan to get on our bikes again.  This time we will follow the Souther Tier route across the United States from San Diego going twards New Orleans.  Our aim is to get to as far as we can towards New Orleans before running out of energy or motivation, and we’ll have to see if that works out or not.  It should be really interesting and we are looking forward to getting fit, feeling the wind in our faces and the sun on our backs. 

3 thoughts on “Previous Trips

  1. Dear Bernie and David,
    So very sorry for you and your family to hear this very ,very sad news,
    Wil and I send you our condolences. You are in our hearts en we thinking of you both,
    With love ,Wilma and Wil Padmos
    from the Netherlands.

    1. Many thanks. He was very ill and it was a release. We now have to support his son and my mother. It was good to meet you both. I hope the rest of your trip was fun.

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