Sunday 20th March:  Canine induced disaster

I am sorry to report that the observation at the end of the lost posting that nothing is certain on a bike trip has proved sadly prescient.  About 10 miles into our ride back to E Paso a group of large, probably wild dogs appeared from nowhere and started to attack us.  We were riding side by side and both speeded up to avoid the jaws that were trying to bite our legs, and somehow our bikes came together and I fell to the ground and slid along the road.  Strangely the dogs were so shocked by this that they backed off.  We later learned that another cyclist who came to the same hospital this weekend was not so lucky and suffered serious dog bites after being attacked.  

The pain from my left shoulder and arms was instantly excruciating and I knew straightaway that this was serious.  A farmer who was ploughing his field and saw everything stopped and caused a truck to stop.  This heroic guy, called John, took us 30 miles to the nearest Emergency Hospital and helped with all the gear – a really nice guy going way out of his way.  

I was treated by the lovely medical team and diagnosed with a broken collar bone (clavicle), 7 broken ribs and extensive bruising and scarring.  This is frankly not a great place to be but the pain has eased over the last 36 hours with copious amounts of morphine.

I was transferred to a larger hospital and after X-Rays and CT scans, hope to be discharged tomorrow.  We have not yet inspected the bike but it will need repairing – a job for Mark Young when we get home.

But that is the end of this trip.  We both feel pretty gutted but hope you have enjoyed the blog so far.  


14 thoughts on “Sunday 20th March:  Canine induced disaster

  1. Shucks! I am gutted for you also. Grateful for good people around you. And I was just getting into your blog and all excited for you. Carry on steady and may our paths cross again.

  2. Ouch, that all sounds horribly painful and shocking. What an unexpected hazard to encounter and I’m sure you were grateful not to have any bites. I’m sure you will regroup, replan and return to your tour – I will miss your blogs until you do!
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your injuries and safe journey home xx

  3. David & Bernie, Just read about the accident. So so sorry, it is a horrible way to end the trip. That is a lot of ribs to break. I can’t guess how painful it must be. All the best in getting yourselves back home and wishing you a speedy recovery, both physically and mentally. Your blog has been fantastic. I am working my way through it as I head west. All the best, Mark

  4. So sorry to hear this, wishing you a speedy recovery and safe journey home, what a scary experience, so glad you are getting the support you need.

  5. Dear David and Bernie
    What a frightening experience and I am so so sorry to hear of your injuries . I think you were very lucky not to have been bitten too. On this morning’s news there was another British child who has been killed by a family ‘pet’ please take great care of each other xx

  6. So sorry to learn about your problems.
    Look after yourselves and trust you arrive back home safely to spend time recovering

  7. Omg !! So glad you are basically Ok. So nice to be rescued by strangers and taken to safety. Gutted you have to come home. Looking forward to the next trip already. Jeremy

  8. Oh dear, so sorry to learn the news. Hope you are coping OK and on the mend, albeit slowly. Just as well you have a doctor with you even if all the drug names are proprietary and different. You’ll have to complete the trip later – you’re both an inspiration to us.

  9. So sorry to hear of this – such a shock for this to happen and so unlucky. Thinking of you and wishing you a very good recovery.

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