Indian Ford to Bend: 30 miles.

Bernie:  Woke feeling much more refreshed to a crisp bright morning.  The first few miles were easy down to Sisters a picturesque little town of clapboard houses and shops.  Stopped at a bakery for coffee and the most enormous cinnamon rolls then rang and made arrangements to meet up with Wayne for the next 25 miles to bend.  It was beutifully clear and sunny and we were relieved to turn off the busy highway 20 onto a back road that we were convinced linked up with the road Wayne was taking.  Rolling prairie and pretty ranch houses overlooked by woinderful views of the 3 sisters mountains. Unfortunately our confidence in the road soon evaporated as the road turned into a dirt road.  Not to be put off we perservered but never did manage to link up with Wayne. The road took us way into the bush but I really didn’t like cycling on the gravel with my back wheel skidding around.  It wasn’t too long before we were back on tarmac and our proper route and we made our way to Wayne and Doris’s – just as they were setting out with a search party to find us. Tom and Carolyn had also just arrived.
We had a pleasant afternoon sorting ourselves out. Cycled to the bicycle shop where they mended my rack and picked up some other bits of shopping and enjoyed cycling around the town.  Had a lovely evening with a delicious meal by Doris and lots of fun and laughter around the table.  Rejuvenated ready for the next day.

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