Oakhurst to Bass Lake: 12 miles and 1560 feet (A day off really)

We woke with the tent slightly wet from dew and with a hint of frost, even though we were only at 1500 feet height. Ambled out to a refreshing breakfast and then Skyped Pippa and Ant using the internet at the campsite, where the staff were very helpful.


This was really a rest day, but we had decided to “rest” at Bass Lake, and that involved a 1500 feet climb to get there. It was late morning before we left and so was hot (90F). It is a feature of the weather in this part of California at this time of year that the days are hot but the nights can start to get really cold.
We packed up and then shopped before climbing the hill to the lake. It was fairly steep but not that long, and we were soon gliding down to the edge of the lake. Bass Lake was created by the Crane Valley Dam at the southern end of the lake and is a popular recreation area.  It used to have an infamous “Hells Angels” biker tour, but this faded out in the 1980s. There were few bikers when we were there and even fewer cyclists, but lots of families on this hot and sunny Sunday afternoon.


The northern shore (south and hence sun facing) has lots of lake fronted properties. We booked a “cabin” on the southern shore at a discounted rate. It was luxurious and we quickly got ourselves settled, read with coffee on our terrace facing the lake and then went for a long walk as we contemplated the years ahead and mulled over the potential options. England, our careers and the real world just seemed so far away, but equally this is a good time to see things in perspective.


The cabin had a stove and pans, which substantially improved the quality of our cooking. After a leisrely meal we watched TV, read and got an early night. Not perhaps the most exciting day of the tour but a really good day to recuperate.
All the best,

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