Wednesday 13th August: Wahlweis, Lake Constance, to Breganz: 94km

Cumulative total:  1530km

Today it rained all day and we got very wet on the parts that are exposed but the rest stayed nearly dry.  Not much more to say really.


We met a lovely mother and daughter in a coffee shop who spent time in Australia and in Germany.  The daughter (aged about 9) went to school each day on the ferry across Bodensee.  How cool is that!  They were really helpful with advice.


Otherwise we cycled 94km around this famous lake in the rain.  There is evidence of lots of money around here – like Poole all the way around the lake – and the shoreline is far too exclusive to allow bikers so the bike path was some distance from the lake for much of the day.  Mostly flat but by busy roads for part of the day so not great cycling – especially in the wet.

image image

The tent was so wet we got a hotel room for the evening – in which I am typing this.  A bit devoid of witty things to say (rain on the brain) so here are some pictures.







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