Day 25: Day off in Port Carlisle

The G7 was going on today but yhat was far from our minds as we explored the Campfield Marsh bird sanctuary, just to the west of Bowness on Solway. This is moor, saltmarsh and peatbogs -classic wetland with a huge variety of wading birds. We are amateur birders, which is a missed opportunity as we live in a birders paradise in the Wyre Forest. Maybe we should take a course and educate ourselves about bird types and habitats – something for the coming years.
Here those who do know about such things have re-created pools from the peat bogs to support the birdlife, and allowed humans to walk around the outside. We saw relatively few of the wonderful creatures because it was blowing a hoolie, and the birds were far too sensible to come out for our benefit when they stood a chance of being blown to Inverness. But we saw Barnacle Geese, oyster catchers, lapwings, skylarks and some wonderful tiny birds that moved too quickly to be able to identify them.

We spent the afternoon in our airbnb – one room wide and 3 floors up – reading and relaxing, as well as doing a bit of trip planning for the next few days, and planning the next trip. Details will follow if and when it becomes possible, but maybe there will be more blogs later in the year.
Then we walked out to Glasson Moor, and saw even fewer birds. Not surprising given the strong wind. The trees were alive with birdsong but, at this time of year, we could not see the source of the sounds. Still it was peaceful and relaxing.

So that was it – cooked for ourselves, decided the pub did not look interesting enough to visit and watched rubbish TV whilst we prepared for a 100km day tomorrow which will be mainly against the wind.

Meanwhile, in Cornwall, Boris seems to have agreed with everyone on everything.

4 thoughts on “Day 25: Day off in Port Carlisle

  1. What an amazing place. I’m enjoying your musings! Yes indeed, life is far more nuanced than some would have us believe ….

    1. It was great to meet you. Thanks for your fantastic hospitality. Great day on bikes despite the wind. Now at Glentool. Good luck sorting the gravel riding event and please stay in touch. Thanks again.

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