Day 10: Postscript 

This our second blog of the day – and there are more memories to capture.  We blogged before we went out for the evening for dinner in Ban Tak and, when we did that, we met a lovely chef at his pizza restaurant who had previously worked for the British Ambassador in Baghdad, Iraq and Oman.  He had also worked in top-end restaurants in Bangkok, but was now back home with his wife and running a small pizza restaurant on the banks of the Ping River. 

Sunset over the Ping

The pizzas were lovely and we chatted with him about his life, his career and his hopes for the restaurant.  Ban Tak is a Thai tourist town, though European visitor numbers are down on previous years.  We were the only people in his restaurant at the time and it was very relaxed.

We then walked along the riverside road and saw the celebrations for “Children’s Day”.  Lots of child shaped chaos and lining up for presents – and teenagers either looking at their phones or looking into the eyes of a partner as they wandered around in their own world.  All very familiar.

We hear the weather in Britain is horrid, Bewdley is under water and it is pretty dismal; so we are feeling slightly cautious about complaining about the heat.

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