What is this all about?

Over the next few years (and possibly as much as 10 and hence the title to this blog) we plan to cycle as much of the route to Australia as we can overland.  We will start in our home town of Bewdley in summer of 2014 and hope to do the first 1000km or so over the weeks we have off.

We both have jobs and so cannot ride endlessly for pleasure (or at least not quite yet).  The best we can do is a series of “bunny hops” across the various countries between here and down-under.  We cannot be sure how many times we can escape per year but, in as much as we can, we will try to pick up each time where we left off and continue the route.  However this is for fun, not for charity or masochism.

When we did a trip across the Western United States last year we kept a blog charting our progress and setting out the sideways view of life that one gets from a bicycle seat, and describing a few of our encounters along the way.  We were surprised how many of our friends and colleagues started their day by clicking onto the blog to see what mad scrapes we had got into.  We are therefore going to continue the blog for those who like to experience travel vicariously.

Please do your bit by responding.

2 thoughts on “What is this all about?

  1. Last years blog was required reading and I’m looking forward to this one though i challenge the “vicarious” slur – I see much that is strange and exotic on my daily travels to Walsall. Ride safe.
    David E

  2. Go Dave, Bernie, Chris and Katie! Sorry we won’t see you in Cambridge. Barry (Devlin) sends his love and greetings Katie – he is now living in Horsham. Rosemary

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