Day 36. Day off in Jodhpur.

Today started with 2 shocks – one was being in a state of half sleep, half awake and hearing the call for prayer reverberating round the city but being able to drop back into slumber again. The second was waking properly and finding a cloudy day. We haven’t seen a cloud since Ooty – way back weeks ago. Our fears that Rajasthan may be too hot totally unfounded. Even the sunny days have only peaked in the high 20s and today much cooler.

After a very lazy slow start to the day we ventured out. First was the famous ‘omelette shop’ at the entrance to Sadar Market where a multitude of different types of omelette can be rustled up, slapped between 2 slices of white bread and consumed sitting on plastic stools by the stall. Delicious and a good meeting place, where we chatted to 2 travellers from the UK and one from Bangladesh.

We then climbed the hill up to Mehrengargh fort, a huge complex that broods over the city. We took the audio guide, which is one of the best we have ever done, and made our way round the huge battlements, doors with steel spikes to deter marauding army elephants and then into the palace complex.


The architecture was stunning but they had also created a fantastic museum of paintings, fabrics, armouries, palanquins etc. It was fascinating, interesting, intelligent and with stunning views over the city. We really enjoyed the visit.




The rest of the afternoon was spent back at the guest house. David continued his book writing on the rooftop, I did ‘chores’ (washing , filtering water, shopping) and spent time reading.

In the evening strolled out and went to the ‘step well’. We weren’t sure what this was but it was an amazing structure of steep tiered steps down to a pond.


We then went to the ‘best restaurant in town’ and had a fantastic meal. We bumped into a couple from New Zealand that we had walked up the hill with to the fort, Peter and Erica, and joined them in good conversation, great food and amazing 360 views up to the fort and over the market area. All on all a great day off.

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