Safely home

Just a short piece to let you know that we made it safely back home.  It was a bit hairy getting out and involved being slightly ahead of the wave of restrictions, but we managed it and are back home.  Bernie is on her way back to work as a doctor to meet the needs of patients in the current crisis and David is under huge demand as the legal consequnces of the pandemic work themselves out.  So this is a short piece – we have to concentrate on other things at the moment but look forward to a time when we can return to cycling, travelling and the good things in life.  Meanwhile, isolating back at home, totally dependant on our wonderful friends and family and just trying to do our bit amongst the chaos.

2 thoughts on “Safely home

  1. So pleased that you made it back safely, though disappointed for you that you had to cut short your plans. But, as you say, that is for another day …….. .

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