Day 20. Day off on Bradford.

It was great to spend sometime with Jane ‘in the flesh’ so to speak, after 15 months on zoom. We dawdled about in the morning looking out over the amazing panorama of Bradford from her front window, writing up the blog from the last few days now that we had a working keyboard.

In the afternoon Jane took us to Salt Mills, an enormous mill building converted into a shops and arts complex in the village of Saltair. We spent a lovely time browsing through an eclectic selection of books laid out on tables covering art, photograph and a whole range of other arty type subjects. All around the walls were David Hockney paintings, a born and bred Bradfordian.

Some of the books of photographs were beautiful but we had to resist buying – maybe another time. We looked around an exhibition a Yorkshire artist, name forgotten at the moment, who had a quirky take on Yorkshire landscapes (and life in general). We then had walk along Shipley Glen and had ice creams looking over the views.

In the evening we went out to an Indian restaurant in the centre of Bradford (the International), full of families and humming with life. The people watching was as good as the eating – and that was excellent.

A great day off and we really warmed to Bradford – a city without pretensions where the people are the thing. Still being tired from yesterday, we were in bed by 10.

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