Postscript :  On the way to recovery

This is just a brief update to reassure everyone that I am on the mend.  We are now in Austin, sitting out the time before we can fly home.

I was diagnosed with a broken collar bone, 7 broken ribs, a punctured lung and very extensive scarring and bruising.  Certainly my worst injuries in over 50 years of cycling.  They kept me in hospital for 6 days – mainly to drain the lung and make sure the puncture was mended.  More complex than applying a sticky patch which is what we do for inner tubes.

The draining procedure involved giving me ketamine – so I had a multi-coloured psychedelic experience as part of the treatment.  It was a pretty bad trip and I will not be seeking to repeat it in a nightclub.  Many thanks to the wonderful staff at the Del Sol Medical Centre, Mission Valley.  They could not have been more professional and were endlessly encouraging.  I sought to keep my natural role as the curmudgeon under wraps.

The16 hour train journey to Austin on Amtrak was a Challenge but it is good to be here.  IATA guidance says no flying within 14 days of a pneumothorax, so we will probably not get back to the UK until about 9 April.  Meanwhile the pain is under control (most of the time) and the healing process has started.

8 thoughts on “Postscript :  On the way to recovery

  1. David, Bernie, I have had an incredibly busy week and only caught up with your blog tonight
    You are in my prayers, though I know you do not do God
    And you are in my thoughts. I was speaking of your cycling yesterday to Louis Upton not knowing what had happened
    Get better as quickly as you can
    I hope to see you in England
    PS The prisoner I visit is being represented by a QC from No 5 Chambers! but can I remember his name, something like Bimmler

  2. Thinking of you both and very glad to hear that you are not in too much pain David. Wishing you all the very best for your recovery and hope that your journey back is as comfortable and smooth as it can be.

  3. Thank you for the update David. Glad that you are slowly on the mend. Safe travels home as and when you are given the all clear.

  4. Was talking to Tom Sullivan yesterday and just learned of your horrible problem. We were so shocked and saddened. Hopefully by now you are all healed and ready for another adventure, not quite so canine intense. We will be following your blog for updates. Wayne and Doris

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