Seltz to Strabourg: 68 km

Total to date : 1232km

We were up and packed up early with the aim of being in Strasburg by lunchtime to meet up with Chantal and Philippe, our ‘Warm Showers’ hosts (for those who have not read out blog before, Warm Showers is a website for touring cyclists to use and provide accommodation in your own home).



Just past Seltz we passed a field full of storks scratching around in the wetlands. Another puncture – back wheel of course – which revealed by back tyre was pretty wrecked with splits and a large stone wedged in it! David repaired it while I tried to wave away mosquitos from is legs. A reasonably straightforward ride to Drussenheim after that where we stopped for great coffee and plum tart in a surprisingly formal tea room. At least we were able to ask for it in French.


Good map reading by David kept us on the right path into Strasbourg where a lovely bike path through woodland took us to within a few kilometers of the city centre. A few complications with the meeting place with Chantal and Philippe but successfully united thanks to mobile phones. We pedalled the last few kilometers to their lovely apartment just 10 minutes cycle from the city centre. Showers, drinks and a lovely lunch and later in the afternoon we cycled with into the city centre to buy some maps to plan the next section of the trip and buy new tyres. We had a look at the outside of the magnificent cathedral in the late afternoon sun, deciding to return the next day for a proper visit.

Back at the apartment we saw a slide show of Chantal and Philippe’s trip around Britain, which is when we met them when they came to us as warm showers guests. Then they took us to a lovely restaurant where we ate Flammakuche (Tarte Flambee) a traditional Strasbourg dish,like a tbin pizza base with a creamy topping with bacon and onion, which is shared between you and they keep bringing out more until you tell them to stop! Chantal and Philippe were great company and we had a good evening.

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