Day 21: Day off in Gokana

Today was a relaxing day by the beach in Gokana. There is no much more to say really – we changed hotels to a decent one, went for a walk to the world famous “Om Beach” – one of the world famous beaches in this area and relaxed. It was pretty and the breakfast was pretty good. But we then walked back as the sun rose up and decided to take cover for a few hours.


We ventured out late in the afternoon to play in the waves. It was a joy to walk into the sea without that Atlantic grimace as the cold water hits you and you convince yourself it can become bearable (another glorious British deception).   Here is feels OK when you first walk into the sea and remains OK. The Indians tend to bathe fully clothed – not sure why – have not yet got that sussed.


The lack of description on the blog should not be taken as a lack of beauty – it was stunningly beautiful. However this is definitely “tune in, drop out” territory and so we, of course, felt under tattooed (in fact totally devoid of tattoos – unlike all other westerners here) and that we were servants to the western gulag system of work. However I did catch a severely tattooed Dutchman drinking beer and catching up with his news via on his mobile – on what looked like Facebook. So maybe not quite so detached from the corporate world of capitalism after all.

Hotel staff amusing themselves by riding our bikes.

We also saw a couple of English women at the restaurant who could have stepped straight from an “Absolutely Fabulous goes to India” script, complete with sensible teenage daughter who looked a combination of bored and appalled by their antics. She did not say “Mum, where have you brought me this time” but it was written on her face. Having said that, there were lots of great people as well but they do not make such good copy.


It was great to relax, recharge the batteries and plan the next few days to Goa and beyond.

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